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Oikos XL

oikos xl is the new 6-axis CNC machining centre for the production of large format Glulam beams and columns. It allows automatic management and pocessing of elements with weight up to 4000 kg and thickness up to 500 mm.


The ideal solution for beams, columns and CLT modular panels of large dimensions. The sturdy structure of the cnc machining centre, suitably dimensioned, allows to support and process elements of cross-section up to 1,250×500 mm and weight up to 4,000 kg.


Maximum production efficiency, thanks to 6-axis machining head unit that allows processing on all work piece sides in a single positioning. Heavy duty material removal are possible even on very hard woods, thanks to a 24 kW electrospindle.


No risk of damage to the surfaces of the processed element, thanks to special devices that prevent it from rubbing against other mechanical parts.


Maestro beam&wall is the software designed and developed by SCM interpreting the BTL files exported from the most common CAD design programs used in the sector and trasforming them automatically into programs to run on the machine. It allows them to associate the necessary tools and tool paths with the geometries of the incoming file.


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